First entry + V/GF/SF Pesto Pasta

Due to popular demand (and the fact that I basically rule in the kitchen), I have decided to start a food blog. LET ALL YOU COOKING ENTHUSIASTS REJOICE!

Eighty per cent of the food I cook is Vegan, and almost *all* of it is gluten free! I also tend to prefer trying raw cooking, especially in desserts, since raw food has wonderful benefits that cooked food does not. Most raw food contains zero sugar, is vegan and gluten free, and has no preservatives in it. Cupcakes and cookies are made by blending nuts and fruits together instead of combining processed flours and sugars, and most of these incredible desserts are so healthy, I often eat them for breakfast.

I’ll be using the following legends to represent what types of recipes I share:

R – Raw
V – Vegan
GF – Gluten Free
SF – Sugar Free (processed sugars only, natural sugars are used often)

So let’s get started!

Today I made fresh pesto and served it over pasta. (You can also use pesto with pizza, simpy replace the tomato paste with the pesto. Use chosen toppings, and cook as you would normally.)


Note: I make this differently EVERY time, so I’ll just give the basics. Feel free to adjust ingredients, amounts and spices accordingly.

Take one cup raw cashew nuts and blend in a food processor with two cloves of garlic and a few tablespoons of olive oil.
Blend until the cashews form a fine, crumbly consistency. Add two bunches of fresh basil and two bunches of fresh flat leaf parsley. Blend until the herbs are well pureed.
Add one can of diced tomatoes, a dash of pepper, a sprinkling of dry basil and oregano, to taste. You can add salt, but I try to avoid using this as much as possible.
Blend until desired consistency, and add any extra spices, tomato, herbs or nuts to taste.


Depending on the amounts of ingredients you use, your pesto can look brown, green or grey. I store this in the fridge for a few days, and often freeze some for future use.
Try experimenting with the amount of basil and parsley you use.
You can also try replacing the cashews with piscahio nuts for an awesome flavour!


I used BuonTempo’s Gluten free and Wheat free pasta, although San Remo also make an awesome GFree alternative.
I chose rice penne this time.

I usually serve my pesto dishes with tomato and olives, so prepare these beforehand.


Cook pasta according to packet directions and drain.
Stir through enough petso to just cover all of the pasta. You’re better off adding small amounts of pesto at a time to avoid drowning the dish.


Top with semi dried tomatoes and kalamata olives!


SO easy, tasty and much easier for your body to absorb than pasta containing wheat, and salty processed foods.

OM NOM! Enjoy, and be sure to leave me any feedback.

X Neko


5 Comments to “First entry + V/GF/SF Pesto Pasta”

  1. Sounds nom imma bookmark page, you honestly can’t find much vegan gluten free stuff on the bet! Totally keen to try the raw cookies

  2. This tasted awesome! -Wants more-

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