Peanut Choc balls! GF/SF/V

If you haven’t noticed by now, making up raw goodie balls are SUPER easy and fun to do. Throw pretty much any type of dried nut and fruit you have in a food processor, add natural fruit juices or flavor extracts to help bind and adjust the levels until you’re happy with the consistency.

These WOULD be raw, but most peanuts (unshelled) are roasted. I made sure I purchased unsalted ones! Next time I’ll have to source proper shelled ones. If you’re a fan of peanut butter and chocolate, you’ll be a fan of these!


Blend 3 cups dates, 1 3/4 cups peanuts, 2 tsp vanilla essence, 2 tbsp cacao powder and 2 tsp chocolate essence in a food processor.


Form into balls and store in a cool, dry place. Or in the fridge.



2 Comments to “Peanut Choc balls! GF/SF/V”

  1. Just made a batch of these. Delicious! You should totally compile a book and call it “Balls!”

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