White chocolate banana chewies!! V/GF/Nut Free!

These contain actual chocolate, so they aren’t the most healthy of all my vegan cookie/ball recipes, but they are certainly delicious and if you MUST have chocolate, better to have it in a small dose, surrounded by fruits ^.^

I also have to thank my lovely Laura for the inspiration for these!! She told me this week she made some cookies with banana chips, sugar free dark chocolate (not vegan), raw oats, vanilla essence, agave nectar and sultanas. They sound pretty good and I wanted to create my own version. If you’re into dairy or if you have some vegan dark chocolate then definitely experiment and make some of these =D

Be sure to comment and let me know if you tried these, or if you tried Laura’s recipe. I love hearing from happy blog followers, and I’m sure Laura will appreciate the kudos!


Blend 2 cups banana chips in a food processor until you have a powder and some small pieces.


Add 1 tsp vanilla extract, 4 cups dates and 1/2 cup vegan white chocolate (I used sweet william white chocolate, also gluten free) and blend together.


You may want to add the ingredients in batches to ensure an even blend of everything!!! I added half of the dates and a third of the banana chips after all the other ingredients had been blended together.


The mixture should be thick and easy to form!


Roll into balls and form into cookies. Store in the fridge!




One Comment to “White chocolate banana chewies!! V/GF/Nut Free!”

  1. WHITE CHOCOLATE :O I am soooo doing that next time!!!

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