I made this up today. There are literally hundreds of different recipes for Sangria, so feel free to google recipe ideas or do whatever the hell you want. This is just my version… For now, at least 😛


Slice 2 oranges and 2 limes. Slice and peel 3 kiwi fruit.
I would have added diced apples and strawberries but sadly I ran out when I made this!


In a large bowl, stir together 2 cups red wine (of your choice, I had a shiraz on hand), 2 cups white wine (of your choice, I used a sauvignon blanc), 2 cups orange juice, 2 cups lemonade or lemon squash (depending on preference) and 1/2 cup tequila.

Stir well and add fruit.

Chill for a few hours to allow the flavours to meld together!


Serve, and get ready to get wasted.


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