Raw macadamia vanilla ice kream! R/V/GF

This is so delicious and easy to make! The only frustrating thing is making sure the kream sets well in the freezer. If you have an ice cream maker then PLEASE use that, because it’ll save you so much trouble! If not, you’ll need to stir this once every hour for five to seven hours. I made this on a day when I was hanging out at home gaming, so I set myself an alarm every hour and made sure I took out the kream and gave it a good stir. This will ensure you get the perfect consistency 🙂


In a food processor or strong blender, combine 3/4 cups pitted dates, 1 1/4 cups raw macadamia nuts, 1 tsp vanilla essence OR 1 vanilla bean and 1/2 cup coconut water until well blended.


Add just enough filtered water (up to 2 cups) and blend until you have a smooth kream.


Place in a freezer safe container and follow the stirring instructions above until frozen/set (about 6 hours).


Alternatively, put mix into an ice cream maker and freeze!




2 Comments to “Raw macadamia vanilla ice kream! R/V/GF”

  1. Funny this is posted on my birthday. I followed your receipt and I made the Ice-cream for myself. Thank you so much it’s delicious!!

    Anyways, how have you been? How come you just suddenly disappeared from the facebook? it’s like everything has been wiped out. Hope everything is ok. Keep in touch. You are awesome!!!

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