Yo, guys! Sorry it’s been an age since I’ve posted new recipes. Lots of people have been asking me about my blog, it kind of stopped developing. There have been a few reasons for this…

I’ve been quite sick, and it’s been a struggle to involve myself with projects that I am normally quite passionate about.

The oven broke. No joke. That rhymed. BUT IT’S NOT FUNNY. It’s so depressing. It should be fixed shortly, fingers crossed.

I also got an amazing new RAW cookbook that I was SO excited about, but found that a lot of the ingredients are hard to source unless you shop at one or two stores that are a little out of my way. There is also one ingredient that is basically impossible to get because of environmental factors, and I collected so many items for this one recipe I was so psyched on and after months and months of searching for the one ingredient I needed, I realized I’d have to give up. It’s still in the back of my mind and I will find a way, somehow, to source what I need, but it was kinda disheartening and put me off.

ANYWAY, I’m back, I’m alive, my cats are awesome, and I just made a massive curry that I shall post. With two more posts following today. Actually.. make that one more, since the photos for one of them have been deleted and are totally dead and gone 😦 IF I can source them somehow I’ll post three new recipes todeeee!

Photo 258

Photo 257

Hahahhaha, she hates being picked up so much.

Missed you all, readers, and I hope you missed me too.

Photo 264


Photo 246


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