I love to cook. And eat. And be healthy.
And I have a terrible sensitivity to gluten and dairy. So I started to make more ethical, healthy and organic choices with my diet.
Of course I still bake amazing cookies and cupcakes that are sugary and delicious but as you’ll see by my RAW and no bake noms, you do NOT need to add fat to gain taste!
There are a lot of people who see me as an easy target because I’m not a vegan, but I cook and eat a great deal of vegan food and love to share this with people. Just because I’m not labeling myself, or exclusive with my diet, it doesn’t mean I can’t be as passionate about it as somebody who does.
You don’t have to be Italian to have a love for Italian food, so haters gonna hate, but I’m going to keep doing what I do 😀
I’m basically just a food enthusiast sharing my love with the world ^.^
Neko Marie

PS: I have a cookbook!

Click here to order now!

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8 Comments to “WUT IS THIS ALL ABOUT, HUH!?”

  1. Hi Neko Marie, love the website and the recipes (though I haven’t tried any yet). I truly appreciate this site and any help I can get in my quest to finally make the transition to veganism. And to think I never would have known it existed if I hadn’t happened to read a trashy newspaper called the Advertiser which featured a photo of an amazingly beautiful tattooed woman!!!

  2. Ooo I’ve just been introduced to your blog through a mutual friend after he saw me just about die after eating gluten. (I couldn’t help it, the spring rolls just looked so good…) This site has totally just made my day!

    • Aww dude, so wonderful to hear 🙂 I will be adding a great deal more savoury recipes soon so keep checking back. I have a cookbook too 😀 I wish you luck, there are SO many GFree alternatives out there ❤

  3. Hey I was just wondering if you have any winter recipes? Because I find it’s really hard to eat healthy when I’m cold, I always end up binge eating.

  4. Greetings! I’m so happy you posted your food blog address on Instagram. I follow a very similar diet, due to my health problems. I’m always on the lookout for new, relatively simply recipes. I look forward to following your food adventures! Thank you for sharing, Darcey

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